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To be a considered a “Diva” has plenty of negative connotations. First thing that comes to mind is a bitchy, self-entitled women or a very talented singer/performer, much like Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin. I’m not trying to say that these definitions are false, but the way I interpret a “Diva” is someone who celebrates themselves. Has inner confidence and celebrates her life each and everyday. Women can easily get swarmed by negative thoughts about their clothing, hair, make up, body image as well as popularity level or romantic woes. But Divas look past it.  They have inner and outer beauty that radiates as they walk through the streets. 

What women don’t realize is that it’s simple to be a Diva, everyone has a little diva in there somewhere. This blog is here to help women who are searching for her. Lets move past the “it” girl persona, “perfection” is not an obtainable goal. But let’s feel good about ourselves, shall we?

Calling all Divas!!