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It’s hard to avoid buying a great pair of colorful beaded dropped earrings from trendy designers or a fun sparkly hoop. But having to many glitzy earrings will subject your $$ going to waste over earrings that do not go with many outfits. Your outfit should never be ABOUT the earring. It’s all about making your outfit look fresh and put together. Earrings are compliments.



1) A pair of pearl studs

2) A pair of diamond studs

(either or)

If you do not have a pair of either of these, you are missing out. A pair of these earnings instantly makes you look much more put together. Picture yourself in a  pair of jean shorts and a loose fit white vneck. Casual yes, but now picture wearing a pair of pearl studs as well? So much better? ! You can buy the real deal, but why? You can get a great looking pair in a department or discount jewelry store for a very cheap price. So STOCK UP!

These are must haves for every classy diva out there.


…Angelina doesn’t lie.


Let’s be real. We can’t always be wearing cute heels with every outfit. Our feet will kill us. It’s also suprisingly horrible for our feet to wear uncomfortable shoes all the time. Every once in awhile you should class it up with a great pair of comfortable boat shoes and moccasins. You’ll transform into a classy diva because you will be able to walk around and move like never before, while still looking elegant, beautiful and effortless.

I mean common…we can’t always be primped and ready to go. Sometimes we just need to be more causal. It is ESSENTIAL to have these kinds of shoes in your wardrobe.

“Toms” and “Sperry’s” are great, well known examples of the types of shoes I’m talking about. There also many many many shoes sold at Target and department stores that are similar, look exactly the same and give the same effect.

These shoes are just plain comfortable. Let’s face it, in a comfort contest between flats, sandals, boots, heels, and these shoes…there is NO competition. But it is not just their comfort that makes them an essential in every’s there “cute but casual” effect. If your heading out to run some errands, grab some coffee or go shopping, these shoes are the way to go. They look great with a pair of jeans (or white jeans) or if your wearing a cute shirt and shorts.

These shoes will make you look stylish and put together, yet relaxed and ready to tackle the day.

A great pair of colorful jeans can make any outfit pop. A pair of color jeans or sateen pants with a clean white top will turn you into a classy diva in no time. It looks great with a blazor or a simply tank top as well.

It is a summer essential this season to wear a pop of color, and this is such a simple and fun way to do so. You will be complimented left and right. You can buy these pants any where, from Forever21, to JCrew to J Brand. They all look amazing no matter what the brand or price.


Try mint, light pink and light blues for the spring and summer and mix it up with a deep purple, burgundy or red for the fall and winter.


Rose Bryne (age 36)

seen recently in the movie “Bridesmaids”, also seen co-staring with Nicholas Cage in “Knowing” in 2009.

Rose Bryne definitely embodies a true classy Diva. She is elegant and poised and always dressed to stun. Better yet she is most definitely a  natural beauty, it’s kinda hard to find these days…She always looks classy, you will never find this girl on the “worst dressed” list. Tasteful, put together and glamorous. How does she do it?


She was also hilarious in “Bridesmaids”..hey classy divas should be funny too!



Shoes. Let’s face it, they are essential parts of every outfit. But they are serious money guzzlers $$$$$$$$$ (ugh..). But hey, we gotta wear shoes right? This isn’t optional. “It” girls find themselves with lots of trendy flashy pumps…e.i. badazled Louboutins or spiked heels (in my opinion, tacky and flashy) or some other show off shoe to make a statement. But these purchases don’t last, go out of fashion, and leave you searching for more and more stylin’ shoes.

CLASSY DIVAS on the other hand, spend their money on great, classic shoes that will work with many outfits.

Let’s start with a great sandal. Let’s face it, it’s summer..we need sandals that work with our colorful or white jeans, our flowy maxi dresses, cute skirts and even shorts. Comfort is key, because they need to last. A great beige or gold sandall is a STAPLE for every girl.

Every Classy Diva wants to feel great every time she walks out the door…but sometimes you just don’t have time to put together an amazing outfit. A chunky clear or diamond necklace (color options are also great) can turn any basic outfit into a great look. Classy divas look put together in the most effortless way, this accessorie will do the trick.

“It” girls spend a lot of money on colorful chains, and various designer gold necklaces and bracelets, “arm candy” as they say. In my opinion, one simple statement piece is all you need.

Invest in a few great pieces, they are timeless. Carry one around in your purse during the day and throw it on at night. Instant dressed up look.


Simplicity is key. Ever feel like you are always trying to have a better style, yet you always feel like you have nothing to wear? Women will constantly shop for cool / in style looks..buying frilly tops and trendy shorts, spending a whole lotta $$$$$ to do so. But why? It’s not necessary. You can be trendy and not break your bank. “It” girls may always be inclined to online shop for cute tops and new dresses, but classy divas always look great, and are smart shoppers.

Here’s my first tip on how to dress like a classy diva:

-Buy a few cute white bottom ups and loose fit white tees!!!

I cannot stress this tip enough. You will wear these shirts with literally everything in your wardrobe. Cute skirts, jeans, shorts, black pants..the list goes on. Dress it up for going out or pair with denim shorts for day-time casual. If you start your shopping here, you are a smart shopper. Every girl should have some great looking simple white tops.

-Buy some GREAT jeans and jean shorts.

Pair these two together and accessorize, you will literally have a timeless outfit. Seems simple, but you’ll always look great. Ad a great bag, sunglasses and a chunky necklace and your golden.