Let’s be real. We can’t always be wearing cute heels with every outfit. Our feet will kill us. It’s also suprisingly horrible for our feet to wear uncomfortable shoes all the time. Every once in awhile you should class it up with a great pair of comfortable boat shoes and moccasins. You’ll transform into a classy diva because you will be able to walk around and move like never before, while still looking elegant, beautiful and effortless.

I mean common…we can’t always be primped and ready to go. Sometimes we just need to be more causal. It is ESSENTIAL to have these kinds of shoes in your wardrobe.

“Toms” and “Sperry’s” are great, well known examples of the types of shoes I’m talking about. There also many many many shoes sold at Target and department stores that are similar, look exactly the same and give the same effect.

These shoes are just plain comfortable. Let’s face it, in a comfort contest between flats, sandals, boots, heels, and these shoes…there is NO competition. But it is not just their comfort that makes them an essential in every closet..it’s there “cute but casual” effect. If your heading out to run some errands, grab some coffee or go shopping, these shoes are the way to go. They look great with a pair of jeans (or white jeans) or if your wearing a cute shirt and shorts.

These shoes will make you look stylish and put together, yet relaxed and ready to tackle the day.