It’s hard to avoid buying a great pair of colorful beaded dropped earrings from trendy designers or a fun sparkly hoop. But having to many glitzy earrings will subject your $$ going to waste over earrings that do not go with many outfits. Your outfit should never be ABOUT the earring. It’s all about making your outfit look fresh and put together. Earrings are compliments.



1) A pair of pearl studs

2) A pair of diamond studs

(either or)

If you do not have a pair of either of these, you are missing out. A pair of these earnings instantly makes you look much more put together. Picture yourself in a  pair of jean shorts and a loose fit white vneck. Casual yes, but now picture wearing a pair of pearl studs as well? So much better? ! You can buy the real deal, but why? You can get a great looking pair in a department or discount jewelry store for a very cheap price. So STOCK UP!

These are must haves for every classy diva out there.


…Angelina doesn’t lie.