Being a classy diva is not just what you wear and how you look, but more importantly how you feel. Your inner confidence on any given day makes you look more glamorous than any expensive piece of jewelry or new bag. I know a lot of us wish for amazing skin and don’t know where to start. Quite honestly it can be time consuming when you are in a rush in the morning or too tired at night to pull yourself out of bed to spend 10 minutes taking care of your skin. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to maintain great skin and feel very confident in less than 5 minutes.

Use a quick facial scrub and finish with some moisturizer. It doesn’t matter the brand. Go to a local drug store and pick up a small tube of moisturizer and a good facial scrub. If it’s too pricey, you may be less inclined to follow this regiment. If it’s available and you make a habit of picking up a quick bottle or two, you’ll stick with it and your skin will thank you. Not only will you feel cleaner in the morning, but it will wake you up. Additionally, if you get in a habit of moisterizing everyday, in the future your skin will look much better than most women your age.


After this quick regiment. Get dressed, do your hair and makeup. Right before you leave the house spritz your neck and wrist with a purfume (once again, they all smell good. You don’t need Chanel or Marc Jacobs. Stick with affordable. the only thing you or anyone else will notice is how good you smell. Additionally I reccomend a body spray..spray it on your body or carry it with you for a quick spritz later. You wont believe how much better you’ll feel in the morning knowing you feel and smell clean and fresh.

Classy Divas always FEEL good and SMELL good without breaking

the bank $$$$ #smartshoppers