There’s nothing more relaxing and girly then to go to the nail salon and get a mani pedi. But in all seriousness…who has 40 dollars to blow every month on a new one? Although it’s expensive I believe that the ultimate confidence boost comes from having manicured nails and toes. It also makes you feel more confident!!!



To look and be polished (hehe pun?) start by doing your nails. It’s relaxing and the more you do it, the better you will be. Whip out your own clipper and file and use the money you save on buying a great bottle of polish. (Seriously…you’d be amazed how many bottles of nail polish you can buy with 40 dollarss…)


Having your nails painted makes you feel more put together and makes you feel more like a classy diva. You have to start somewhere!! My advice to all you divas is to start with a fresh coat. It’s great to always have beige, a dark purple or black and a clear polish. Clear polish is amazing, you’d be suprised how much better your nails will look after you put on a clear coat. It also makes your nails look shiney after a few days of them being painted.