Shoes. Let’s face it, they are essential parts of every outfit. But they are serious money guzzlers $$$$$$$$$ (ugh..). But hey, we gotta wear shoes right? This isn’t optional. “It” girls find themselves with lots of trendy flashy pumps…e.i. badazled Louboutins or spiked heels (in my opinion, tacky and flashy) or some other show off shoe to make a statement. But these purchases don’t last, go out of fashion, and leave you searching for more and more stylin’ shoes.

CLASSY DIVAS on the other hand, spend their money on great, classic shoes that will work with many outfits.

Let’s start with a great sandal. Let’s face it, it’s summer..we need sandals that work with our colorful or white jeans, our flowy maxi dresses, cute skirts and even shorts. Comfort is key, because they need to last. A great beige or gold sandall is a STAPLE for every girl.