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Miranda Kerr (27)

A model, mother and wife to hunky actor Orlando Bloom..Miranda Kerr is this weeks Classy Diva!!

She is gorgeous (I think that goes without saying..) and a very talented model. I love her because although she is stunning and a Victoria secret model..she dresses very modestly when she is on the go. She is very chic and trendy while just being casual!

I also love the way she presents herself in interview. She is kind, funny and charming. You get the feeling that there is more personality there than you’d anticipate from a model. Shes smart, savvy, trendy and classy.

This is why Miranda Kerr is this weeks Classy Diva!


Sometimes, even on casual days…we feel like looking not so casual. Some days we need a boost of confidence. We want to look fabulous and feel good.

The best way to dress up casual, is to buy a great printed dress.

I love printed dresses because they can be worn with heels or flats, a leather jacket or a blazer..and can be styled in so many different ways. Even though you are buying a very specific print, the dress actually goes with a lot of different items in your closet.

So try on out, you’ll look very cute but not too dressed up. It’s the perfect way to feel comfortable and chic at the same time!

When dressing for the beach, you want a loose, comfortable and breezy cover up. I know I personally hate putting on a tight pair of shorts when my bathing suit is wet. I’m also uncomfortable being sandy and wet in restricting clothes.

A chic and comfortable way to dress for the pool or the beach is to get a sheer, white, loose dress. It’s perfect to throw over a bikini and wear to the beach.

It covers your body from the sun, but you don’t feel like your hiding your bikini TOO much underneath. It shows just the right amount.

It looks very chic on the beach as well. You wont feel frumpy in a tee shirt and shorts, but also wont feel too over dressed for the beach.

It’s easy, comfortable and will fit in your beach bag very easily!!

Lately, I’ve seen “It-girls” sporting large, chunky gold bangles and chains and leather studded bracelets stacked on top of each other.

As my readers know..I’m not a fan of this look. It’s simply just too much arm candy and all it shows me is “i’m trying to show off how many accessories I have”

Yes, I do love a large watch (guilty as charged), but that doesn’t mean it should be paired with an arms length of jewelry as well.

These gem bracelets are my favorite kind of arm candy out right now. Each of these peices can either stand on their own, or worn with some simple bracelets or a ring.

These are classy and will draw attention without going over board. They can easily be paired with different outfits and really bring accessories to a classy level.

So if your going to invest in “arm-candy” keep it classy and simple. Remember, we are trying to feel classy and trendy…not weight down our arms.

Am I right ladies?

A great way to dress casually and trendy for the summer is to get a pair of printed shorts.

they are beautiful, decorative and there are so many different choices out there to fit your style.

I love these shorts because you can wear them with so many different tops in your closet. They look great with a tank, a white button up, a tee shirt or even a slouchy sweater..

They are easy to wear..but look like a well put together, and complete outfit.

When it comes to “going out”, we want to look good..and hopefully catch someones attention (love interest..;-))

But we want to attract the right kind of attention… Dressing too slutty is undoubtedly going to get you attention..but from an equally slutty counter part.

I always say, you can’t control who you are attracted to..but you can control who you attract. So dress classy and beautiful if you want to attract a classy person. It’s as simple as that.

I love high, yet interesting necklines. They are sexy in their own way. They look beautiful, sophisticated and very trendy.

Women should buy more of these tops because they will be staples in your “going out wardrobe”. Perfect for a date to a nice restaurant or going to a bar with friends….

You will catch attention, but for all the right reasons!

If you’re looking to add some spice to your wardrobe, lightly studded heels are the way to go.

I put emphasis on the lightly, because I believe that shoes with too many large studs, or studs that are overwhelming the shoe are not classy or chic..however, here are some examples of some great studded shoes that are the PERFECT amount of spice without sacrificing everything that’s nice.

I love these shoes because they add a hint of edginess to a simple outfit.

I love an accessory that really compliments an outfit and takes it to the next level..that is how I feel about studded heels.

They are great paired with a delicate dress, or some work slacks or jeans.

Although they are studded, they are actually very versatile shoes..and you will find them to be an excellent addition to your shoe closet!