If you’re gonna splurge on anything, my vote always goes to a great tote bag and a great pair of shades.

It’s important to keep your eyes protected in the summer months, so seriously invest in a dark pair of shades that you LOVE.

My advice is to go with ray ban style. I know the style is not for everyone, but it’s such a classic look that has been around for a long time. You’ll see “It” girls and celebrities rocking large bug size shades or cool shades with white frames but don’t fall into this trap. You wan’t to buy a timeless pair that will last the changes in fashion. Expensive shades that are in now…are not guaranteed to be in a year from now. How many times do you want to drop $$$ on a stylin’ new pair?

Go with a classic dark pair of shades. You’ll always look like a diva throughout every season.