“It” girls and celebrities are obsessed with many different kinds of bags and pocket books. Let’s face it..if we all had the money…we’d want lots of pocket books as well. But I know I don’t have thousands of dollars  or even hundreds of dollars to spend on a stellar bag collection.

However, bags are essential. Every classy diva needs a home for all her day to day needs. If you are going to spend money on anything in your wardrobe, one of the most important things to buy is a great large all purpose bag that you absolutely love. This is an important investment, because this bag should last you some time and help you carry around your belongings while still maintaining your classy diva persona.

Ideally we’d all wear backpacks..they are prefect for carrying around your essentials. But they’re not very classy..(unfortunately)

Additionally we’d all love to carry around a Chanel cross body bag everywhere we go. But it’s not practical and you can’t fit very much in there.

SOO every classy diva out there, I advice you do invest in a great bag that looks amazing with majority of your day to day wardobe. My advice would be to go with a great XL leather brown tote bag.

It’s timeless, classic and will hold all your essentials. It looks great and even fake leather versions look stylish.

Essentials to Carry in Your Tote Bag