Sick of your hair? Tired of constantly flat ironing it every day in order to get rid of those frizzy kinks? Well stop. “It” girls look as if they spend hours every single day primping there hair before they walk out the door. You should not have to put yourself through that !!

In order to “feel” like a classy want to be confident in how you look and feel on a daily basis. So even when you don’t have time to spend an hour doing your hair DON’T FRET!!!

Here are some great classy hair styles that will restore your confidence and your time.

1) The Messy Bun…Throw your hair up in a bun. Spend 5-10 minutes making it look put together and walk out the door. This is great when your hair is greasy. The “Bun” is in right now, take this tie to jazz it up with a cool scarf or a great clip. A casual bun has always been classy. Throw on pearls and you will look like a million bucks!

2) Don’t go crazy trying to figure out how to do the latest french braid or fish tail. Want a fun style without the effort? Braid the small portion of the front of your hair and fasten it with a bobbie pin. Simple, easy and classy. (While not trying too hard..)