I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of looking at the super straight hair styles girls are obsessed with. I don’t think the answer to looking fabulous is to flat iron your hair every morning before you leave the house. Add some bounce to your step!!




I love curls, I think they look so classy and can actually WORK as a causal look. Don’t bother with curling irons, we’re not going for ringlets that are destined to fall out in an hour..

Buy a set of hot curlers. Plug them in (right when you wake up or while your getting in the shower/getting ready). Go about your business until they are ready and roll them into your hair. It takes about ten minutes to roll them in once they are heated, the best part is you can go about your business in your house, applying make up, eating food, watching tv for a half our or so and take them out. These curls are MUCH nicer, fuller and longer lasting. Apply some spray, brush it out for a more toned down look and you’ve got a great style for the day.

You will look classy and glamorous and not over done. Guarantee you will get so many more compliments that day than if you spend that time flat ironing you hair.


You will feel like  a classy diva in no time.