No more body-con dresses.


Yes even I love a great body-con dress (though I prefer the skirt version), I much prefer the look of a more flowy dress for “going out” or getting ready for a nice occasion.

I see girls showing off their bodies in skin tight dresses (and hey..if you’ve got the body for it go for it), but I love seeing women in classier styles. In my opinion, you want a couple great flowy dresses that aren’t to close to the body.

These dresses are perfect because they can be worn out at night with a great heel or blazor, or they can be dressed down with flats or sandals. You can’t really dress down a body-con dress..let’s be honest.

Be comfortable and classy. It’s a much more timeless look and you’ll feel more comfortable without sacrificing your confidence.

LEAVE SOMETHING TO THE IMAGINATION. Believe it or not you still look beautiful and men will notice.