One of the latest trends for the past two years now has been to buy a great looking statement watch. Us Classy Divas could NOT be more excited about this trend. Let’s be honest. A great watch makes for a very classy accessory that will always make you feel like a diva. Owning a great watch is a great addition to your accessory collection.

Some of the popular designers include Marc Jacobs, Nixon and of course…Michael Kors. But there are so many options to chose from!

Watches can be chunky or slender. They can be Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Tortoise or Leather. They can have circle faces or square faces. And they can have various bedazzlement’s such as diamonds or colorful face backgrounds.

If you’re going to invest the $$$ in a watch, you want to get the perfect style that will last you a long time. Don’t just get the watch you see everyone wearing. Here are a few different options to consider.

1) Do you see yourself wearing a chunky watch? If not, don’t just buy one because it’s the recent trend. Buy a medium sized watch. It wont weight you down and you’ll wear it more often.

2) Think about your other accessories, are they mostly silver or gold? It’s important that you buy a watch that you’ll easily wear with your other jewelry. Although I’m a believer in mixing and matching, you may prefer a watch that goes easily with everything else. Select Rose Gold if you can’t decide, it looks great with both!

3)Think about your wardrobe. Would the watch go with majority of your clothes? Although these watches tend to go with everything, if your considering a gold watch with a blue colored face, you may wanna think about if that is going to match your clothes. Consider your favorite pair of shoes or heels. Are they silver or gold?

Picture your watch on yourself and the various outfits you love. Once you’ve narrow it down. Consider it in a square or circle frame. Although Circle seems to be the common trend lately, I’ve seen some amazing square frame watches.

I just got this one! (After a long debate between watches) I couldn’t be more excited. I went with the square frame!