Everyone has those days where they feel frumpy and dumpy. You can’t pull yourself off the couch, feel bloated or unattractive.

Classy Divas fight this feeling, as we strive to live confidently and happily inside and out every day!

Here are some tips to pull yourself out of the frump and dumps:

1) Wash and Moisturize Your Face

You want to feel fresh and clean to start…once you feel refreshed your a step closer to getting out of the frump and dumps.
2) Redo your make up!! Apply some new Rosie Blush and some great Lip Gloss !

You’ll be refreshed as well as clean looking. Don’t over do the makeup (more makeup does not mean more attractive)..remember, simplicity is elegance!

3) Put your hair in a quick bun or braid!!

It’s a classy do that will make you feel confident and glamorous without the effort. It also is nice to get your hair our of your face!

4) Wear something comfortable yet cute, like a slouchy sweater or a pair of jeans with casual white top

Don’t put so much effort into your look, there are simple and comfortable ways to look and feel like a diva. Jazz it up with an cute watch or necklace as well.

5) Spray on some great smelling body spray!

The better you smell the more confident you will be. Point blank.

After your transformation, get out of the house and grab some coffee in town, go for a walk, go shopping or read a book somewhere.

The key is to feel confident and get out! It’s the only way to take on the frump and dumps.