It’s great to keep a few “freshen up” make up supplies in your bag, especially for the hot summer months!

I know that for me…in the middle of a hot day I look as if i almost have no makeup on!

Here are some tips as to what to keep in your bag in order to effortlessly look fresh without caking on make up every hour of the day!

As I’ve stated before, it is ESSENTIAL to carry around a great lip gloss and lip balm. Color is up to you, see my lip gloss page ( for more tips!

Aside from lip gloss, it is important to carry around some great Rosie blush! If anything, i think a women looks fabulous with a great shiny lip and some bright lively cheeks.

It’s simple, classic and will instantly make you look and feel like a classy diva.

Being a classy diva is all about feeling confident in yourself. Carrying around a great tube of lip gloss on some blush will ensure that you will feel fresh and put together the entire day! (Without overdoing the make up..)