For those of you who are going back to school (high school, college, graduate, or w.e!) or simply carrying around a lot of books. DITCH THE CUTE TOTE BAG.

I see “it” girls trying to lug around laptops and textbooks in tory burch totes or Longchamp bags..but honestly, these totes are designed for carrying around a couple objects. Not 60 pounds worth of books and electronics.

Don’t lie, sometimes it can kill your back. Why torture yourself / ruin your expensive bag?

Try a great backpack. I’ve seen a lot of backpacks around these days and I gotta say..I love it!

It’s much more practical and i think it looks chic and origninal. Why drop a fortune on a bag for school when you  can use a cute backpack.

Easy and functional…you can save your tote for another occasion! (It’ll last longer that way anyway…I should longchamp is on it’s last limb)

Be original! Be classy and be a trend setter.