I’m not the worlds biggest fan of the leather jacket. I mean, I’m not going to deny that I think the people who wear them look very cool and hip. But I’m a little bitter because I don’t think I can pull it off..and I think it will phase out like every other fashion “fad”. I personally like to focus on fashion statements that are timeless and classic. However, sometimes, even a classy diva cannot ignore a trend when it is knocking on her door.

If you’re going bold and want the jacket, my best advice is to mix it up, and go LIGHT!!!

Everyone seems to be buying the dark black jacket, but I personally love the lighter color because it is understated, simple and much more chic and sophisticated.

The lighter color matches with plenty of outfits and you’ll be able to wear it for more occasions.

I love the light leather with a white tee and colorful shorts, or even over a white dress/skirt outfit.

It will be less “look at me I’m wearing a leather jacket”. The jacket will make a statement without forcing it on anyone.

Additionally..if you’ve decided you cannot pull off the black leather jacket..try out the lighter color. I think it will look fabulous on majority of the women out there!!!