The key to motivating yourself to put effort into your “morning routine” is to be organized.It’s one thing to have your clothes, jewelry and shoes organzied ( Organized Room ) but it’s also important to organize your beauty supplies!

The last thing your tired self is going to want to do is hunt through a large make up bag and several drawers of hair supplies. Also…let’s be honest, our morning routines are usually time sensitive.

SO make things easier for yourself and motivate yourself into a simple and easy way to beautify every morning. You’ll be more confident and ready to take on the day every single morning.

1) Grab a whole bunch of gars. Gars are the best way to keep make up brushes! You can leave some solution at the bottom of the gars if you want to clean them as well. It’s great to keep your make up brushes in gars to better protect the ends from getting smushed..and to not lose them! Also separate your hair ties and Bobbie pins, those get lost on a daily basis..

2) Use a gar for combs and brushes. This will leave you from loosing track of the brush you want. Believe it or not it’s useful to have a standard brush, a comb, and a circular brush (depending on what state your hair is in/ what you want to do with your hair)

3)Grab a spice rack or set a designated space for your nail polishes. You want to keep those organized and SEPERATE fro your other make up supplies. You wont be searching for your nail polish every morning, so don’t mix it with the rest of the clutter.

4)Have a make up mirror in your room and a floor length mirror. The easier it is to put on your make up and see your whole look the better. Using one mirror for both just will not cut it.

5) Just for fun and improving your spirits in the morning, keep a great scented candle and light it while your getting ready.