“It Girls” peice together intricate outfits to ensure that they look stylin’. However, these somewhat overdone outfits are not what I crave out of fashion.

Women can look trendy and classy without looking overdone. It also requires much less effort!

This outfit combo should be a “go-to” look for every closet. If you can’t figure out what you want to wear, this outfit will ensure you look great every time.

This outfit includes a white button up and jeans or a skirt. Extremely simple, no need to even over accessorize. Wear it with a great heel, a blazer or some amazing shades.

I love the look of ray-bans with some dark jeans and a white button up. It’s so polished and NEVER goes out of style.

This is the kinda look classy divas can put together without feeling like they need some crazy colors, elaborate arm candy or a crazy hair do.

It’s simple, elegant and easy. Everything a classy diva’s style should be!