Every Classy Diva needs a show stopping dress.

The key to a great dress for a fancy occasion, is too look and feel gorgeous in it. so find the one that makes you smile and makes you happy and confident every time you wear it.

My advice is to add some sparkle into your dress collection! Every classy diva should have that stunner dress, that “stuns” because of how beautiful you look in it, not because of how big your cleave is or how tightly it fits your body. These dresses are the perfect combination of elegance and sex appeal.

Because they are so glitzy…you don’t need to show too much skin. I love the long sleeved versions in particular. Show off your legs for a change!!

You will be a show stopper no doubt, and the dress will never go out of style.

My mom has an all sequin cocktail from the 80s, it’s so gorgeous and still very much in style.

A great sequin cocktail dress is the perfect way to dress up for a formal occasion, when done tastefully. Don’t get caught up in the idea of buying sequins and buy a dress that borderlines tacky. Be careful to pick a classic, elegant sequin dress that fits your figure perfectly.

Dress like a diva!