As you know, I’m a huge fan of lace, I’ve blogged about my love for White Lace before. It’s elegant, simple, classy and sophisticated. Every classy diva should own lace in their wardrobes!

But now I want to discuss how much a LOVE colored lace dresses.

They have the classic and elegant feel of white lace, but with a splash of sexiness and fun as well. This dress will be an instant hit at any occasion.

You’ve seen some classic blue lace dresses on the one of the worlds classiest diva, Kate Middleton. She looks amazing and chic every time.

But it’s not just basic black, blue and white that looks amazing. Pinks, oranges, and greens look phenomenal as well.

If you are in need of a new cocktail dress, don’t over do it by wearing something body revealing or skin tight.

You’ll get much more attention (the right kind of attention I might add..) if you wear a gorgeous lace cocktail dress.

Classy Diva MUST HAVE!!