I personally adore leopard print. In shoes, bags, accessories, scarfs and even in my clothes.

However..be careful with leopard, it’s easy to look tacky in the print.

BUT because I adore it and I think women can look fierce, trendy AND CLASSY in it, I decided to show some examples and give some tips on how to wear leopard in a dress..and stay classy at the same time.

Going long sleeve is always a smart move..long sleeve cuts just look classier, and as soon as you incorporate something with a deep cut it’s going to put you close to the “tacky” edge.

Going with a nicer fabric is key. Don’t pick a fabric that is too thin and frilly. Anything that includes a slip and a leopard overlay I would avoid all together. Nice fabrics will ensure a classier look.

Anything too tight to the body is going to look tacky. Anything body-con is shying away from the classy leopard look.

Getting a structured and fitted leopard print dress is a good way to ensure it’s classy look!.

When wearing leopard, don’t over do the accessories. It in itself is a “stand out” look. It screams trendy and sophisticated, so don’t over do it!!