In order to feel like a classy diva, you need to feel confident!!

For the ultimate confidence boost, it’s great to have glowing, radiant skin.

Some women win the “hereditary lottery” when it comes to good skin, just as others are blessed with a fast metabolism or perfect vision.

However, here are some great tips on how to achieve great looking skin!

1) Wear Sunscreen OFTEN

It’s important to wear sunscreen because most of the fine lines and deep wrinkles are caused because of too much sun exposure on your skin. The sun makes your skin blotchy and have uneven skin tone. Although you may be young and want to be tan, it’s important to keep your skin protected with sun screen. As you age, your skin will look more wrinkled and worn compared to someone who has protected their skin.

Even when it is cloudy out…wear suncreen or moisturizer with at least SPF 30, that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

2) Retinoid Cream/ Products

If you haven’t get a retinal skin product. If you go to any drug or beauty store, read the labels and the ingredients retinal. Retinal unplugs pores, clears up acne and fine lines.  It increase production of collagen and improves your skins texture. This product is recommended by dermatologists anywhere and is well worth your money.

Although it’s effects may take some time, it’s well worth it.

3) Don’t Over Do It with Fancy Products– Keep a Simple Routine

Chances are that if you over complicate your skin routine with face masks, scrubs, and creams you wont stick to it and you will end up drying out your skin. The key to better skin is to stick with the basics and stick to a routine. Start with a simple cleanser, followed but moisturizer and SPF 30, and finish with a retinoid skin cream. This process will improve your skin and make it shine. The longer you continue with this basic routine, the better your skin will look.

4) Be Healthy

Eating healthy and staying active a few times a week is a sure way to make your skin look better. In the beginning of the summer I started eating healthier foods like fruit, vegetables and protein every day and went on a jog twice a week..and I actually saw my skin get so much better within 2 weeks time. Your skin is directly connected to how healthy you are..this isnt to say everyone should be dieting. Just be mindful that your skin will improve by introducing some healthy habits into your daily routine.