Here’s a new hair style tip that will leave you feeling glamorous without looking over done.

Instead of being afraid of rocking a full head of curls, trying rocking the curly pony tail!!

One of my BIGGEST style tips with hair is to ditch the curling iron. It creates curls that look unnatural and too tightly wound. They also do not last long..unless you plan on putting pounds of hair spray on..

Buy a set of hot curlers. They can be very cheap (some more expensive) but for the most part..they all get the job done.

These curlers create a more natural curl that stays longer. Just heat up for 20-30 minutes, roll in and finish getting ready. After about 10-15 minutes, unroll and you will have gorgeous curls that look NATURAL and stay LONGER. Only a little bit of spray is needed.

Now you may not want to sport a whole head of curls just on your atypical day. So i suggest curling your hair, brushing it out and rocking an awesome curly pony tail…

It looks chic and polished but it looks very natural at the same time. You won’t feel over done but you will look very classy and beautiful!

Give it a try! Feel like a Diva!