We need relief in life in order to feel good about ourselves..so when we are stressed out..we develop bad habits to relieve it.

Are you a stress eater? I know I am…when I’m at work or taking classes..doing homework..It’s comforting to have food near by to pass the time.

It’s important that you eat foods that are ACTUALLY going to reduce your self..not just eating food for the sake of eating food.

So here are some tips on WHAT to eat if you’re stressed out and need some help.

1) Eat Complex Carbs

Complex carbs increase serotonin, a feel-good chemical in the body. This actually reduces your stress for a lasting amount of time. This is mainly because foods such as whole grain cereal, bread, pasta and oatmeal tend to be digested very slowly.

2) Avoid Sweets and Soda

Sugary foods such as sweets and soda are just a fast fix, and provide quick serotonin relief. However, you digest these foods very quickly…and the effects do not last very long at all.

3) Oranges

Oranges have vitamin C that reduces stress and increases your immune system. Additionally, the decrease your blood pressure..which will ultimately reduce your stress.

4) Drink Black Tea

Black tea has a great calming effect that reduces stress and blood pressure. Coffee and soda on the other hand have caffeine, which increases your stress and blood pressure. Black tea is the perfect compliment to a stressful moment.

5) Nuts (Pistachio, Walnuts, Almonds…) and Raw Vegetables

Nuts are great for increasing vitamin e and maintaining stress levels. Their crunch of nuts and raw veggies also gets the tension out of your jaw. Physically relieving some pent up stress.

6) Avocado

Avocado is very healthy and is known for decreasing blood pressure and decreasing stress. If you’re looking for a good snack to eat during a stressful assignment..definitely go for guac dip. Tasty, satisfying and filling.

7) Milk

Milk has a good amount of calcium that eases insomnia and anxiety. Having a glass of milk is a great way to reduce stress..

So before the new year, with work or school..stock up on these foods. Give yourself as many relief outlets as possible. The less stressed you are, the more confident you will be..and the more you will feel like a Diva!