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The printed pants are so trendy and yet so classy. They are perfect worn with a white tank and a blazer..or just a white tee shirt..

They complete an outfit on their own..and will be both comfortable and very chic at the same time..
But remember not to over do it! Don’t pair it with anything too complicated. It really does stand on it’s own..

Printed pants transcend the summer into fall, and remain in style through both seasons.

I think they are a wardrobe must have…as soon as you put them on you will feel stylish and confident!!!!!

I’m a huge fan of stud earrings. I think they look classic and not over done. Big hoops and dangle earrings have a tendency to look tacky with the wrong outfit…this is why I love these glamorous studs for dressing up.

These studs are clusters of diamonds (they certainly don’t need to be real diamonds in order to look nice..)..they are just the right amount of sparkle to be eye catching but not over done.

You can wear these earrings casually..or to a fancy occasion. They look great dressed up with simple outfits..such as a white dress or just jeans and a tee-shirt ..

you’ll feel very confident and glam in these earrings, so buy a few pairs!!!

Matching sweaters and skirts up is both classy and trendy.

I love the look of a fitted sweater with a longer skirt, or a slouchy sweater and a flowy skirt.

It’s a very feminine look that is trendy and elegant at the same time.

I love this soft look on women, it is a very put together look that is comfortable and functional!

Mix and match different sweaters and skirts, you’ll find plenty of different combinations to create different looks at styles!!

I’m all about the understated glam. When it comes to getting ready for a semi-formal or formal event, I believe understated glam is the best way to go.

If you’re looking to find a great dress for a nice occasion, try a simple yet sexy style with a detailed, jeweled neckline.

It turns a simple and classy dress into a trendy and glamorous look.

Not only is it trendy and glamorous, but it is not over done..It is easy to go over board when looking for a fancy dress..everyone wants to look like their best..

However, it is the effortless and glamorous girl that always gets my attention.

So get a great, classic dress with a great jeweled neckline!

Glittery sparkle and sequin tops are popular for “It girls”. I’ve seen them sport all sequin tops and tanks with flow skirts and pumps. Although they look’s a little much. I know i’d feel a little self conscious if I was trying to pull off an all sequin sparkle top.

Tone it down with tops that have a little pop of sparkle..but not too much. It makes the glam style look more casual and will not look like you are trying too hard.

It also will go with many more outfits. Pair with skirts, under sweaters or denim shirts or pair it with a casual pair of jeans.

It can be dressed up or down..and that is the key to a great purchase. You want to be able to wear your clothes more than once and feel comfortable in it…

All sparkle tops will be uncomfortable and difficult to pull off. So be trendy, glamorous and casual with a pop of sparkle!

When it comes to flat ankle all depends on how tall you are and what kind of look you are going for..

I’m not the tallest person in the I like my ankle boots to be on the taller side. I think it makes your legs look longer. Otherwise, ankle flat boots can make you look stumpy.

I love the styles that mimic an actual boot…but smaller. Having a buckle or some detailing on it accomplishes that look..but don’t do it over done.

Stick to leather. Suede pairs of ankle boots tend to bunch and look cheap. Invest in a create leather pair of any color. It will look much more chic!

Seriously if you still wear uggs..don’t.

I’ve been waiting till closer to fall to blog about this..but since we do our fall shopping in august..I’ll do it now.

I think having a pair of black and brown boots is ESSENTIAL!!!

Brown boots are great with jeans and light colored dresses and skirts. It looks great with tights, bare legs and pants.

Black boots are a more dressed up and sophisticated look. They look very sleek with a pair of black jeans or well as black tights.

They also look great contrasted with brighter colors!

Boots are an amazing staple because they are so easy to walk around in, they look great with so many outfits, and work very well in cold weather.

Get a pair in each color! You will wear them all the time.