Glittery sparkle and sequin tops are popular for “It girls”. I’ve seen them sport all sequin tops and tanks with flow skirts and pumps. Although they look’s a little much. I know i’d feel a little self conscious if I was trying to pull off an all sequin sparkle top.

Tone it down with tops that have a little pop of sparkle..but not too much. It makes the glam style look more casual and will not look like you are trying too hard.

It also will go with many more outfits. Pair with skirts, under sweaters or denim shirts or pair it with a casual pair of jeans.

It can be dressed up or down..and that is the key to a great purchase. You want to be able to wear your clothes more than once and feel comfortable in it…

All sparkle tops will be uncomfortable and difficult to pull off. So be trendy, glamorous and casual with a pop of sparkle!