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Miranda Kerr (27)

A model, mother and wife to hunky actor Orlando Bloom..Miranda Kerr is this weeks Classy Diva!!

She is gorgeous (I think that goes without saying..) and a very talented model. I love her because although she is stunning and a Victoria secret model..she dresses very modestly when she is on the go. She is very chic and trendy while just being casual!

I also love the way she presents herself in interview. She is kind, funny and charming. You get the feeling that there is more personality there than you’d anticipate from a model. Shes smart, savvy, trendy and classy.

This is why Miranda Kerr is this weeks Classy Diva!


Gwyneth Paltrow (Age 39)

Gwyneth Paltrow is this weeks Classy Diva because she is always polished, put together and a natural beauty.

She has a way of drawing everyone’s eye with her simple elegance. Her style seems effortlessly trendy and chic, without over doing any current fashion trends.

She has a modesty that I adore and has an amazing acting career. She has worked in classic films such as Great Expectations and Emma, as well as comedies such as Shallow Hal and View from the Top.

Although she is no doubt an A list celebrity, she manages to come off with a modest and classy air. Something that is uncommon in Hollywood these days.

This is why I am calling Gwyneth Paltrow, this weeks classy diva!

Lady Diana (1961-1997)

I don’t know anyone who deserves the title “classy diva” more than Lady Di, in fact, it doesn’t do her justice.

Lady Di, or Princess Diana of Wales is without a doubt one of the classiest people I know. Her style was simple and elegant and she was a style icon in her own right.

Her look epitomizes simple, classy elegance. Even now I look at pictures of her and want to be in what she is wearing.

Everything she wore is timeless and chic. Although she passed away, I still idolize Diana as a women with utter class. Regardless of her personal troubles, she managed to always look put together and under control.

Classy Diva and Royalty.

Marion Cotillard (Age 37)

Marion is best known for her roles in “La Vie En Rose” and american movies such as “Inception” and “Midnight in Paris”.

Marion is this weeks classy diva because she is beautifully elegant and graceful. Originally born in Paris, Marion’s style is most definitely classy.

Although she is a mother she always looks youthful and put together, without being too overdone.

Simple and tasteful fashion is the way to go, and Marion is the epitome of that look. I also adore her unique hair style.

Camilla Belle (25)…one of the inspirations behind Classy Divas.

25 year old stuns wherever she goes. She is without a doubt a classic beauty. Whether she be behind the camera or walking down the street, Camilla is always looking put together and polished. She is not your typical celebrity. Her style oozes pure classic style.

I admire celebrities who dress classy, sophisticated and beautiful. These days celebrities more commonly are wearing body emphasizing over the top outfits that amplify their “assets”. But celebreties that show off their natural beauty through a more sophisticated and beautiful style really stand out in my opinion.

Camilla Belle is most definitely a classy diva.


Rose Bryne (age 36)

seen recently in the movie “Bridesmaids”, also seen co-staring with Nicholas Cage in “Knowing” in 2009.

Rose Bryne definitely embodies a true classy Diva. She is elegant and poised and always dressed to stun. Better yet she is most definitely a  natural beauty, it’s kinda hard to find these days…She always looks classy, you will never find this girl on the “worst dressed” list. Tasteful, put together and glamorous. How does she do it?


She was also hilarious in “Bridesmaids”..hey classy divas should be funny too!