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I’m a huge fan of stud earrings. I think they look classic and not over done. Big hoops and dangle earrings have a tendency to look tacky with the wrong outfit…this is why I love these glamorous studs for dressing up.

These studs are clusters of diamonds (they certainly don’t need to be real diamonds in order to look nice..)..they are just the right amount of sparkle to be eye catching but not over done.

You can wear these earrings casually..or to a fancy occasion. They look great dressed up with simple outfits..such as a white dress or just jeans and a tee-shirt ..

you’ll feel very confident and glam in these earrings, so buy a few pairs!!!


Lately, I’ve seen “It-girls” sporting large, chunky gold bangles and chains and leather studded bracelets stacked on top of each other.

As my readers know..I’m not a fan of this look. It’s simply just too much arm candy and all it shows me is “i’m trying to show off how many accessories I have”

Yes, I do love a large watch (guilty as charged), but that doesn’t mean it should be paired with an arms length of jewelry as well.

These gem bracelets are my favorite kind of arm candy out right now. Each of these peices can either stand on their own, or worn with some simple bracelets or a ring.

These are classy and will draw attention without going over board. They can easily be paired with different outfits and really bring accessories to a classy level.

So if your going to invest in “arm-candy” keep it classy and simple. Remember, we are trying to feel classy and trendy…not weight down our arms.

Am I right ladies?

I love the look of a classic ribbon in our hair. When we were young girls..we all did this. The bows were much chunkier..and usually attached to a rubber band..but this is the new and improved version of a once very iconic style

I love a simple silk ribbon died into a pony tail or half up pony tail

It’s a great way to spruce up a somewhat simple hair style and make it much more trendy and stylish.

If you are in a hurry in the morning and don’t want to sacrifice your hair style..throw a ribbon into your hair!!

You’ll get so many compliments and your ribbon will look great with tons of different outfits..

A chic and classy addition to your hair accessories!



I’m a big fan of a great staple bag. If you’re going to spend your money on any bag, get a great every day bag first..

However, lately I’ve been loving the idea of a designated going out bag. The latest trend in going out purse is the clutch.

No strap, just a hand held purse to hold on to throughout the night.

Once you have your staple bag, why not have fun with your night bag and get a great sequin/ sparkly bag!

It goes great with so many different dresses and will really pull together your night look.

Sport it with a great cocktail dress or skirt, or even rock it with some great jeans, a top and heels.

This bag will get you a lot of compliments and will always look classy and chic!

Be the center of attention with a great accessory! Wear some simple jewelry and this bag and you will be perfectly accessorized for the night out!

I love the idea of accessorizing with great jewelry, but just like with everything else in fashion…don’t over do it.

I adore delicate gold rings. They are simple and beautiful and look amazing layered on top of each other.

You will wear them ALL the time…they are such a staple in my wardrobe.

If you buy these rings you will always look chic and accessorized, and never feel over done!

Don’t over do the arm candy, stock up on some great delicate rings to go with some great bangles and you’ll be set!!

I’ll say it time and time again…I love a great staple brown bag. But a tote bag does not suit every occasion!

If you want to spend your money on a great bag, by all means…spend it on the staple brown bag (or day bag of your choice) that you will use every day. But once you’ve made that purchase it’s time to have some fun with the second bag!

I love the idea of a colorful cross body bag. This bag will be perfect if you are going out for the evening and don’t need a large bag to carry your things..

It’s much more fun and carefree to have your hands and arms open while out, so invest in a great cross-body bag!

I’d go with a fun color, no matter what it will make your outfit pop and it will be a nice change from your staple bag.

Remember, the cross-body bag is great for a night out, so have some fun with the purchase.

It’s classy and chic and you’ll love every time you have an opportunity to sport it! Instant confidence!

For those of you who are going back to school (high school, college, graduate, or w.e!) or simply carrying around a lot of books. DITCH THE CUTE TOTE BAG.

I see “it” girls trying to lug around laptops and textbooks in tory burch totes or Longchamp bags..but honestly, these totes are designed for carrying around a couple objects. Not 60 pounds worth of books and electronics.

Don’t lie, sometimes it can kill your back. Why torture yourself / ruin your expensive bag?

Try a great backpack. I’ve seen a lot of backpacks around these days and I gotta say..I love it!

It’s much more practical and i think it looks chic and origninal. Why drop a fortune on a bag for school when you  can use a cute backpack.

Easy and functional…you can save your tote for another occasion! (It’ll last longer that way anyway…I should longchamp is on it’s last limb)

Be original! Be classy and be a trend setter.

I know we all want to feel “blinged out” but I think lately this “it girl” fascination with lots of arm candy is getting out of hand.

I can’t stand to see layers and layers of huge chunky “look-at-me” bangles on the arms of women everywhere.

I think it’s a little excessive and to me it just seems like your trying to show off your bling.

In my opinion, it’s great to have some bracelets on. It makes you feel put together and confident and in the end that is all that matters. But it’s much more classy, simple and elegant to tone it down!

Wear a couple simple chains and one bangle, or a bangle and a ring. The simpler the better. It gets the same message across but it doesn’t over do it. You’ll still love the extra accessory but it wont weigh down you hand, or distract from the outfit you are wearing. (The outfit is supposed to be the best part? no?)

If you wanna wear your big watch, don’t pair it with three or four other huge accessories. It’s just redundant.

Be simple and classy.  Accessorize wisely!

Remember..Classy Divas don’t need to “show off”.

I adore this combination..a Denim Shirt and a great Jeweled Necklace.

As I’ve said before on the blog, a great chunky jeweled necklace is perfect for turning a simple and casual outfit, into an elegant and sophisticated look.

Simple yet elegant!

Anyway, I love the look of a denim shirt with these great chunky necklaces. It’s very chic and classy without trying to hard. I love looks that are considered to be “cute but casual”, this is exactly that.

Throw on a great pair of shorts, white jeans, or even a great skirt with the denim top, and then add the necklace. You will instantly look fashionable without going over board.

Must have classy combo!

I know if we all had endless $$$ we’d drop 700$ on David Yurman glitzy rings. However..there are many things I’d rather spend 700$ dollars on than one ring.

SO, here’s a great, understated jewelry piece every classy diva should be sporting.

The Gem rings are simple, with enough glitter to make you feel like a diva (without trying to hard)..

Remember, simplicity is the ultimate form of keep your acessories simple.

You can wear these rings with a great watch or some simple chains and not have to worry about overdoing the arm candy.

So grab a few of these fun rings, rings have a way to make you feel more like a classy diva.

Feel like a diva, and be classy..without breaking the bank.