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The printed pants are so trendy and yet so classy. They are perfect worn with a white tank and a blazer..or just a white tee shirt..

They complete an outfit on their own..and will be both comfortable and very chic at the same time..
But remember not to over do it! Don’t pair it with anything too complicated. It really does stand on it’s own..

Printed pants transcend the summer into fall, and remain in style through both seasons.

I think they are a wardrobe must have…as soon as you put them on you will feel stylish and confident!!!!!


Matching sweaters and skirts up is both classy and trendy.

I love the look of a fitted sweater with a longer skirt, or a slouchy sweater and a flowy skirt.

It’s a very feminine look that is trendy and elegant at the same time.

I love this soft look on women, it is a very put together look that is comfortable and functional!

Mix and match different sweaters and skirts, you’ll find plenty of different combinations to create different looks at styles!!

I’m all about the understated glam. When it comes to getting ready for a semi-formal or formal event, I believe understated glam is the best way to go.

If you’re looking to find a great dress for a nice occasion, try a simple yet sexy style with a detailed, jeweled neckline.

It turns a simple and classy dress into a trendy and glamorous look.

Not only is it trendy and glamorous, but it is not over done..It is easy to go over board when looking for a fancy dress..everyone wants to look like their best..

However, it is the effortless and glamorous girl that always gets my attention.

So get a great, classic dress with a great jeweled neckline!

Glittery sparkle and sequin tops are popular for “It girls”. I’ve seen them sport all sequin tops and tanks with flow skirts and pumps. Although they look’s a little much. I know i’d feel a little self conscious if I was trying to pull off an all sequin sparkle top.

Tone it down with tops that have a little pop of sparkle..but not too much. It makes the glam style look more casual and will not look like you are trying too hard.

It also will go with many more outfits. Pair with skirts, under sweaters or denim shirts or pair it with a casual pair of jeans.

It can be dressed up or down..and that is the key to a great purchase. You want to be able to wear your clothes more than once and feel comfortable in it…

All sparkle tops will be uncomfortable and difficult to pull off. So be trendy, glamorous and casual with a pop of sparkle!

Sometimes, even on casual days…we feel like looking not so casual. Some days we need a boost of confidence. We want to look fabulous and feel good.

The best way to dress up casual, is to buy a great printed dress.

I love printed dresses because they can be worn with heels or flats, a leather jacket or a blazer..and can be styled in so many different ways. Even though you are buying a very specific print, the dress actually goes with a lot of different items in your closet.

So try on out, you’ll look very cute but not too dressed up. It’s the perfect way to feel comfortable and chic at the same time!

When dressing for the beach, you want a loose, comfortable and breezy cover up. I know I personally hate putting on a tight pair of shorts when my bathing suit is wet. I’m also uncomfortable being sandy and wet in restricting clothes.

A chic and comfortable way to dress for the pool or the beach is to get a sheer, white, loose dress. It’s perfect to throw over a bikini and wear to the beach.

It covers your body from the sun, but you don’t feel like your hiding your bikini TOO much underneath. It shows just the right amount.

It looks very chic on the beach as well. You wont feel frumpy in a tee shirt and shorts, but also wont feel too over dressed for the beach.

It’s easy, comfortable and will fit in your beach bag very easily!!

A great way to dress casually and trendy for the summer is to get a pair of printed shorts.

they are beautiful, decorative and there are so many different choices out there to fit your style.

I love these shorts because you can wear them with so many different tops in your closet. They look great with a tank, a white button up, a tee shirt or even a slouchy sweater..

They are easy to wear..but look like a well put together, and complete outfit.

When it comes to “going out”, we want to look good..and hopefully catch someones attention (love interest..;-))

But we want to attract the right kind of attention… Dressing too slutty is undoubtedly going to get you attention..but fromĀ an equally slutty counter part.

I always say, you can’t control who you are attracted to..but you can control who you attract. So dress classy and beautiful if you want to attract a classy person. It’s as simple as that.

I love high, yet interesting necklines. They are sexy in their own way. They look beautiful, sophisticated and very trendy.

Women should buy more of these tops because they will be staples in your “going out wardrobe”. Perfect for a date to a nice restaurant or going to a bar with friends….

You will catch attention, but for all the right reasons!

I love neutral tones, they go with everything and ALWAYS look good. They really are staple colors for every wardrobe.

Cream, white, beige, brown and camel all look amazing together. Which is why I’m a huge fan of neutral tone dresses.

It’s a great alternative to a black or white dress. Black dresses tend to be very classic and traditional and white dresses are more casual and summery.

Neutral tones work great every season and are a more trendy and fun than a simple black dress…

I love beiges and whites because it creates a delicate, lace like look without the lace.

These dresses look great in casual settings and in fancy settings.

So go out and grab a neutral tone dress, you will look like the classiest diva in the room.

I love the look of polka dot, it’s a pattern that is always in the latest fashion trends.

I think it’s important to have a few polka dot pieces in your closet…

I love the look of polka dot skirts, pants, jackets and dresses. It ads a fun pattern to the outfit without it being a little over done.

Polka dot flowy skirts are fun, flirty and feminine, while polka dot pants ad a classic edge to the outfit.

Polka dot shirts and dresses are both classy and sophisticated..and can be easily dressed up or down.

Try out polka dot, you’ll look like a classy diva and get plenty of compliments!