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When it comes to flat ankle all depends on how tall you are and what kind of look you are going for..

I’m not the tallest person in the I like my ankle boots to be on the taller side. I think it makes your legs look longer. Otherwise, ankle flat boots can make you look stumpy.

I love the styles that mimic an actual boot…but smaller. Having a buckle or some detailing on it accomplishes that look..but don’t do it over done.

Stick to leather. Suede pairs of ankle boots tend to bunch and look cheap. Invest in a create leather pair of any color. It will look much more chic!


Seriously if you still wear uggs..don’t.

I’ve been waiting till closer to fall to blog about this..but since we do our fall shopping in august..I’ll do it now.

I think having a pair of black and brown boots is ESSENTIAL!!!

Brown boots are great with jeans and light colored dresses and skirts. It looks great with tights, bare legs and pants.

Black boots are a more dressed up and sophisticated look. They look very sleek with a pair of black jeans or well as black tights.

They also look great contrasted with brighter colors!

Boots are an amazing staple because they are so easy to walk around in, they look great with so many outfits, and work very well in cold weather.

Get a pair in each color! You will wear them all the time.

If you’re looking to add some spice to your wardrobe, lightly studded heels are the way to go.

I put emphasis on the lightly, because I believe that shoes with too many large studs, or studs that are overwhelming the shoe are not classy or chic..however, here are some examples of some great studded shoes that are the PERFECT amount of spice without sacrificing everything that’s nice.

I love these shoes because they add a hint of edginess to a simple outfit.

I love an accessory that really compliments an outfit and takes it to the next level..that is how I feel about studded heels.

They are great paired with a delicate dress, or some work slacks or jeans.

Although they are studded, they are actually very versatile shoes..and you will find them to be an excellent addition to your shoe closet!

As you know..I adore Ankle Strap Heels but I love the more casual version as well..

This look is great if you are trying to dress up a more casual outfit.

It looks great with a pair of jeans and a blazer, or a high waisted skirt and tee shirt.

It ads a sophisticated yet trendy touch to your outfit and comes in many different styles.

These shoes are classy and always in style, so select a few different types!!

Classy diva must have if you are trying to walk like a true diva!

I love an understated bow accent on shoes. Nothing huge or overwhelming …just a slight accent.

I love this because it’s delicate, feminine and a classy accessory for an outfit.

It looks great in a flat, heel or sandal…and will compliment any outfit from a semi-formal coctail jeans a tee shirt.

I love small girl accents like these because they are both trendy and timeless. I’ve seen bows in fashion everywhere.

Because it’s a timeless accessory, a great bow shoe will match many different outfits in your wardrobe.

If your looking for a new shoe, find a pair with an accent bow on it.

Walk like a Diva!

I love these flats that have become a recent trend. They are known as “loafers” or as I like to call them…Loafer Flats.

They are great because they have the comfort of a boat shoe but the look of a stylish flat.

I think these shoes are a must have for every classy diva. They look great with a pair of jeans, slacks or even a flowy skirt.

They’re great if you know you’re going to be walking a lot, but also want to be sytlish at the same time.

the beauty of these shoes is that you can get them in so many different colors and styles. Since I have somewhat of a leopard obsession..those are currently my favorite pair.

But the style in general is classy and timeless.. If you want to walk like a diva (with a comfortable strut I might add..) then get yourself a pair of loafer flats!

If your going to invest in a new heel, try out some pointy-toed heels.

I LOVE these heels, they are very classy and sophisticated (and also very in style).

Try them in heels of flats, they will very chic with either jeans and tee shirt or a formal cocktail dress.

I love this look because it’s timeless are trendy at the same time.

If you are going to walk like a diva….you need to own a pair of these!!

Now you don’t need to go extreme and get a super pointed, super high heel. Go subtle, they are classier looking in my opinion.

(No need to crush your toes!!)

I LOVE this heel. So classy and chic. Every Diva MUST HAVE!!

The ankle strap heel is elegant and easy to walk in. It looks very chic in a fowy skirt or a great pair of jeans/pants.

I love that women are dressing up their daytime looks with this great shoe, it’s really revolutionized the “I look good” without trying to hard outfit.

It looks great in a simple black or brown color. Either color will match perfectly with your wardrobe. Try them on!

Walk like a Diva in no time.

Wanna walk like a true classy diva? Get a great pair of nude heels.

Nude heels are currently very in right now. They look great as a wedge, stiletto, or pump.

They are very appropriate with white or any color jean, a great skirt or a dress. They can be dressed or up even dressed down.

You will wear these heels for a lunch outing, a casual shopping day or a glitzy night out.

Nude heels will last you a long time. Great $$$ investment and will instantly make you feel like a classy diva.

…but then again, what heels don’t?

Flats will forever be a staple accessories for any classy look. They look great with almost everything, jeans, slacks, skirts and dresses. Have a couple great pairs of flats will make you look very sophisticated and smart.

It’s important to buy a few great pairs and not overdo it. A staple pair every classy diva should invest in are color blocked ballet flats. They ad a splash of color on the peep toe of the shoe, making them more interesting than a basic flat, but still keeping the chic simplicity of a basic flat.

You’ll find yourself wearing these shoes with anything. They’re great in so many colors, select the black version and spice it up with a pair of yellow or hott pink peep toes!